> Our mission is quite literally to innovate in software, hardware and real-time engineering. Open Technologies offers a wealth of experience working on systems and products that need innovation to succeed. Our customers are diverse from global industry leaders to bespoke consumer electronics manufacturers.

> The projects we undertake range from fully integrated high level front and back end mission critical systems right down to embedded high speed low level DSP engines and controllers. We work with ever emerging cloud technologies that make it possible to connect and control products from anywhere in the world and integrate this functionality whenever applicable.

> At the heart of our product design success is our ability to work equally well on both software and hardware removing the pressure our customers often face when bringing the work of two or more companies together. We take full responsibility for our solutions and deliver finished products with supporting documentation.

> Our development strategy is flexible, based on Agile development principles where updates and releases are made at regular ‘sprint’ long intervals. We are therefore able to respond quickly to customer needs and new requirements. Working with change is a natural part of our operating philosophy.

> For more information or to discuss how we may be able to help you business please Contact OTL

Our customers include