SQLite Date and Time Format

SQLite allows small file based SQL like databases to be created quickly on systems without access to SQL Server or MySQL and is especially suited to UWP applications that do not need to be connected to a corporate database and is extremely popular in just about all mobile phone applications that need record based data storage. SQLite however, requires the date and time to be formatted in a particular way before it will accept it in a standard query.

Source Code

There are two operations required, the first is to convert the standard .net DateTime object into a SQLite compatible string so that it can be saved and the second is to convert it back again when a record is reloaded.

The code to convert the standard .net DateTime object into a string is quite straightforward and a method to get the current date and time is often all that is required when creating new database records.

When loading the record back out of the database the reverse operation is required in order to convert the date and time back into a .net DateTime object.


Initially it appears that with a SQLite declared type of ‘DATETIME’ in the ‘CREATE TABLE’ script that a direct cast into the .net DateTime object should be possible. However, like many other SQLite data types (at the time of writing) the results need to be in a string format to work correctly when binding them to a statement.

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